For children’s early learning and education, it is essential parents let their children play and learn things from things around them. At WonderKindy, we encourage children at our centre to play with many elements among which sand and water are the favourites of kids. Children can play with these elements in a supervised environment, whether it is your home or a play area. There are numerous benefits of sand and water play. So, if you are a parent of a young kid, read on to know the benefits of this messy yet fun playing activity for your child’s mental and physical development.

Improves Motor Skills

When children play with sand and water, it includes them scooping the elements, pouring them, and do other activities that enhance motor skills. Children need to learn how to control their hands, feet, and limbs to pick, grab, and move things. Therefore, this activity is excellent for improving and enhancing their motor skills.

Hones Speech and Communication Skills

During san and water play children are more likely to engage in conversations with other children playing with them. Thus, this activity helps improve their language, communication and speech skills. During play, children share instructions and insights, helping them form friendships and bond with others.

Introduces them to Maths and Science Related Things

Sand and water play may seem normal and simple, but it introduces your children to a host of concepts and things of math and science. You child is exposed to concepts of measuring, volume, capacity and many other mathematical aspects. What’s more, they can learn sand is solid and water is liquid. Also, when sand and water falls it is due to gravity and much more.

Encourages them to be Creative

Children get excited when they are presented with opportunities to create and build things, which is why sand and water play is excellent for them. They can build castles, form shapes, pile wet sand and do many other things to be creative while having fun.

Improves Their Social and Emotional Awareness

When children engage in playful activities that increase their interaction with others, it is beneficial for their social and emotional awareness. San and water play encourages them to be helpful, work with others, and interact. When your child is in social situations and engages in acts involving emotions, it is the best time to help them hone their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

Helps Create a Bond with Parents

Studies have shown parents who engage in play with their children have better bonds with them. Therefore, when you help your child play with sand and water, it shows them affection and that you care for them. To play with sand and water, you can take your child to the beach or gather the elements in your yard.

The Bottom Line

Sand and water play may seem like a simple activity but for children it is excellent for improving their mental and physical wellbeing.