Among the experts at childcare centres in Australia, the concept of learning through fun games has been highly recognised and is an excellent medium for kids of all ages to learn more. It is very important to help your child start learning in the early childhood ages. This will create a strong foundation on which you and your childcare centre can keep building and enhancing.

Here are some fun ways recommended by Australian childcare experts on how to make your kids learn new concepts using creative games:

1. Hide The Toys

You can make your little ones learn different social skills like problem-solving, listening and memory skills by playing a game of finding their toys. You can also use clues like colder and warmer to guide them towards their toys and help them find them. It would be best if you hid their toys and then had them look for them with colourful placards and flashcards.

2. Draw Their Body

You can have your child lying down and quiet for a while, which will teach them self-control and then you can trace the outline of their body. They can identify their various body parts and structure and learn more about their body.

3. Passing A Ball

For children and young people, it is essential to understand the concept of teamwork from a young age. You can instil this concept in your kids with fun ball games like this one. In passing the ball, you will build a small tunnel with diaper boxes or cardboard boxes and then have your kids roll the ball from one end while you roll it back from the other end. This will show them motor skills, patience and the concept of teamwork.

4. Dress Up

Playing a game of dress-up and encouraging your kids to try on different clothes will bring out their creativity. You can also play this game with them or have them dress you up to showcase their creative and social skills. This will help keep their imagination active and make them more active.

5. Stack Toys

You should also help your child grasp big and small physical concepts by making them stack all their toys. Let them start from the bottom and stack all their toys neatly to see what fits where. This will teach them patience and hard work as well as prepare your kids for kindergarten.

6. Solve Puzzles

Puzzles are an excellent way to keep their creative juices flowing, and you should have your child solve puzzles daily. Start with simple puzzles, and once they crack that, you can move to more complicated, complex puzzles that will challenge their minds. This will help hone their cognitive and reasoning skills as well.

7. Play Outdoors

Another excellent way for your children to learn concept development and vocabulary is playing outside. Just a simple game of chase will teach your kids about teamwork and responsibility. It will also keep them fit, active, and healthy from a young age. They will also interact with other kids of their age and improve their social skills as well as converse with them and learn new words and phrases.

8. Writing With Sand Or Rice

You can help your children grasp the concepts of different objects and materials by letting them draw in sand or rice. They will be able to learn new shapes and the feel of the sand and rice will make them understand concepts better. You can also use food purees in place of sand or rice.

9. Create Sock Puppets

You can create sock puppets for your children by using old socks and stitching them together. You can tell them creative stories using these sock puppets and show them shapes and make sounds for them to identify different creatures and concepts. You can also have them use the sock puppets and tell some stories of their own to enhance their creative and learning skills.

This will also make them more aware of musical sounds and voices and will be able to decipher the tone of the puppets and whether it is angry or sad or happy.

You should now use the above concepts to help your child develop and progress further.

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