Outdoor learning plays a major part in the development of children, particularly in their early years. This is why it has started to gain some popularity. It is considered that outdoor play is enriching and offers plenty of benefits. These learning experiences often lead to natural connections. One of the most significant benefits is the variety of sensory experiences that children encounter. Children are revealed to nature which helps them connect with the environment in a much more meaningful way.

They are also able to develop a few different physical skills, such as coordination, balance, and dexterity. Moreover, outdoor learning provides a great opportunity for children to take some sensible risks. This way, they can challenge themselves, which is highly important for healthy child development. Similarly, there are many more benefits. Here are the major benefits of outdoor learning for children.

1.  Better Mental Health and Wellbeing

There are plenty of studies available that time spent in nature can help a lot in improving a child’s mental health and wellbeing. Lack of outdoor learning is known to result in a “Nature Deficit Disorder”, where not spending much time outside is known to lead to behavioural problems. This is why outdoor learning is so crucial. It will help combat the nature deficit disorder and lead to better mental health. The lives of children are way more stressful than before. Academic expectations are a big part of that, alongside some other things. This can have a negative impact on their mental health. Outdoor learning offers the best solution here as it helps reduce pressure and stress.

2.   More Inclusive Education

It is a fact that every child learns in different ways, which is why a single method may not be ideal for everyone. It is even truer for children with special education needs. The classroom can make way for stress in many cases. One of the major benefits of outdoor learning is that it makes way for more inclusive activities. There are more and better opportunities for everyone to be together and enjoy the same variety of activities. This is why you will see great childcare centres in Melbourne focus on outdoor learning.

3.  Helps Develop Socal Skills

More often than not, indoor spaces can feel overcrowded for the majority of children, and it is likely that they will feel intimated and overwhelmed in such type of environment. Outdoor play can prove to be a great option as it will allow the children to come out of their shells. It will allow the child to open up and talk about their experiences, which is a big part of developing social skills.

4.  Promotes Independence

The additional space provided by being outdoors will allow children to feel a sense of freedom. This way, they can make discoveries by themselves. Engaging in activities like loose parts play outdoors can permit children to develop their own ideas and have a great experience with their friends without feeling like they are being supervised directly. They will start to learn what they can do by themselves. Outdoor play often helps children develop a “can do” attitude. It will act as a great foundation for future learning.

Wrapping Up

Outdoor learning has been and will be a vital part of the development of children, particularly in their early years. The benefits mentioned in this article are just a few of the many advantages of outdoor learning for children.

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