Welcome to WonderKindy Childcare Centre

WonderKindy is among the reputed childcare centres in Melbourne, Victoria established to help parents give their children’s education an early start according to the early years learning frame work for Australia. Children start learning the moment they are born. They learn to open their eyes, adapt to their new environment and absorb the stimuli surrounding them. To improve your child’s ability to learn, form relationships, and conduct themselves well in social and personal situations, it is imperative they are taught to play and learn simultaneously.

Over the years, many researches have shown the impact of playful learning and creative education is immense on small children. So, if you are a parent or guardian of small children aged 1-5 years, we can help take care of your kid and give him/her an environment conducive for their growth.

Since incorporation of our centre, we have helped hundreds of children through our high-quality programs, interactive learning platforms, and relationship building. We are backed by a team of wonderful and caring educators and childcare specialists who have years of experience, training, and knowledge of children development especially toddlers.

Let us help you child thrive, grow, and learn in the best environment surrounded by the most experienced teachers and modern means. Enrol your child in Wonderkindy and get your child ready for creative learning!

Why Choose Us

WonderKindly is a reckoned name in Melbourne, Victoria reputed for our innovative and creative programs for childcare and learning. You can rely on us to ensure your child gets the best care and attention.

We understand the importance of providing healthy meals for not only physical growth of your child but also for all-round mental development. We have a team that devises nutritious meals for the young ones.

The best way to teach kids is to make learning fun, exciting, and entertaining. Therefore, our approach to education is playful making it easier for your child to grasp knowledge and have a gala time simultaneously.

Our programs are focused on helping your child play and learn. We understand all work and no play makes any child dull. Thus we include sports and physical activities in our programs to make them more engaging.

Activities We Focus On

We conduct a host of activities to help your child get the best introduction to education and learning. Here are some of them.

Meet Our Qualified Teachers

Educator Leader

She is a spunky, patient and caring educator who has worked in the childcare and learning industry for the past 8 years.

Educator Leader

Lively, fun, and a great educator, Bradley is loved by children for this exciting approach to education and interactive nature.

Early Childhood Educator

Heather is a wonderful and amenable teacher with over 15 years of experience. She is a qualified educator with a diploma in early childcare and learning.

Trainee Educator

Tim is with us for our 12-month trainee program to help our centre have skilled and trained educators. He is a versatile and wonderful teacher.

Benefits of Choosing WonderKindy

WonderKindy is a safe haven where children learn and grow in a safe and secure environment. We have educators, leaders, centre managers, and many other people to manage the centres and take care of children’s need. What’s more, we have experience and reputation on our side as well. All our classrooms and play areas are well sanitised and cleaned by professionals offering best end of lease cleaning Melbourne. We take all the precautions to keep our premises clean and safe for your children.

With our cleanliness practices, we even teach children the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and keeping their surroundings neat and tidy. Kids at Wonderkindy learn from a young age the advantages of sanitation.

Over the years, we have helped many parents provide the best care to their children and provide an early introduction to learning in a creative and fun way. You can rely on us to as we an effective curriculum; a host of qualified educators, excellent relationship manage system for parents, and a healthy environment for child development.

We understand how hard it is for parents to leave their children initially which is why we support them by allowing parents to observe and remain on premises for the time their kid is with us. It helps establish trust of the child and parents in our centre and enable everyone to settle in faster. At Wonderkindy, you and your child get a wholesome experience to early education with the help of experienced, polite-mannered and passionate educators all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Visit the School Before Enrolling My Child?

Of course you can! Before admissions, our school schedules various tours for parents to help them know about our centre’s infrastructure, design, interactive environment and safety.

What Will My Child Learn?

Understandably every parent wants to know what we teach. At WonderKindy, you child will be introduced to computation, art, reading, languages, writing, books, creative play, music, science, an many other fun activities.

What Are the Centre’s Timings?

The centre is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If you are interested in our centre and want to know more, you can visits us on open days.

Are your Educators Experienced?

Majority of educators and educational leaders at WonderKindy have a work experience of over five to ten years. We hire them according to qualification, training, and how long they have been teaching and helping children learn.

Do Your Staff Members Know About First Aid and CPR?

Working with kids, we understand they are less resilient than adults and need immediate medical attention. Therefore, we have staff members who are trained to administer first aid in case of requirements and perform CPR as well.

Do You Provide Guidance for Child Care Subsidy?

Yes we do! Childcare should be affordable for every parent which is why we have dedicated educators who can discuss about the government’s CCS policies. Get in touch with us to know more and see if you are eligible.

Do You Welcome Kids from All Communities?

For us, we are a large community made from diverse groups of people. We are respectful of all cultures and communities. Children irrespective of their background are welcome at WonderKindy to receive early learning education.

How Do You Keep Parents Informed about Children’s Progress?

We conduct parent-teacher meets every month to interact with parents and share progress and development. Additionally, progress reports are shared with parents after each term.

Do you Provide Meals and Snacks?

We do! We have a full time cook and meal plans for the children who are at our centre for early learning and day care. We ensure we serve nutritious and healthy home cooked meals that kids enjoy.

Is the Centre Secure?

We have modern security systems in place to safeguard the premise and ensure everyone inside is safe. We have security guards who screen everyone that enters the centre and ensures records are kept.

Enrol Your Child For the Latest Term!

Give a head start to their development by enrolling them early for our classes. We take children as young as one and as old as five! Get in touch with us now.

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