Most children are picky eater and prefer to eat only specific foods ignoring their vegetables and fruits. Getting your child to eat things that make them healthy, boost their immunity, and help in their physical and mental development is not easy. Children do not understand the concept of eating healthy as they are only focused on eating things that tickle their taste buds and look appealing.

As a parent the onus is on you to feed your children good things. So, if you want to know how to get your children to eat healthy, here are tips by experts in Melbourne Victoria, have a look!

Involve Them in Cooking Process

While cooking food for your children and the family get them interested in the ingredients. Show them the things you put in their meals, how the vegetables/fruits are cut, how you late them, and other things you do with their food. Tell them the names of the food items you have in the pantry and items you are using when they are with you during cooking.

Presentation is Key

Whether you are preparing eggs, vegetables, fruits, or anything else for your children to consume, make sure they are plated nicely. Cut or arrange food items in fun shapes, make animal faces or smileys, etc. The better the presentation, the more likely is a child to consider eating it.

Divide Meals

Don’t try to feed your children in one go. Instead divide their meals so that they can have various healthy foods at different times. For example, you can ask them to drink milk in the morning and have a snack after breakfast. If they have ice cream for dessert at night make sure their dinner is healthy.

Monitor their Sugar Intake

Most processed food items contain sugar which is not good for your children’s health. Make sure you feed them home cooked meals and check the ingredients of things they eat from packets. The less sugar your child has, his/her health will be better. However, don’t be very strict and let your children enjoy snacks, candies, and other items along with healthy foods as well.

Set an Example

Children mimic parents and their eating habits have a profound effect on them. Therfore, if you children watch you eat healthy, they are more likely to try and eat healthy things. So, consume vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, yogurt and other nutritious items in front of your children to encourage them to eat good things.

Eat with Them

Try to have at least three meals of the day with your children. Often children get disinterested in eating their food because they are eating alone. When children have company they can enjoy food and interact as well. Therefore, eat healthy meals with your children.

The Bottom Line

Eating healthy is essential for the mental and physical growth of your children. Therefore, use the tips mentioned above to get your child to eat healthy and grow.