Main Focus Areas

Creative Learning

We are focused on making learning and education entertaining for your kids. Therefore, focus of most of our activities is creative learning.

Preparation for Primary Schooling

We have activities that help children get introduced to arithmetic, science, music, art, languages, etc. Activities are done to help children be prepared for primary schooling.

Mental and Emotional Development

Children at young age are impressionable and unable to express their emotions correctly. It is our responsibility to focus on their mental and emotional development.

Activities We Do

Most children love to hold pencils, crayons, brushes and other things that help them draw or write. Holing things correctly to write and draw is an essential skill which we hone.

We have various activities that help your child understand and interact with their surroundings. We have play mats, toys, blocks, and many other things for interactive activities.

Personal hygiene is something our educators feel strongly about. They conduct various activities to help children understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.

Children are inquisitive and curious by nature and we take advantage of this ability by engaging them in exploratory activities.

Summer season in Melbourne, Victoria is a great time to help child learn and have fun. Thus, we have activities that help children enjoy and have fun under the sun.

Besides the things planned for daily learning and play, we conduct special activities such as picnics, parent speaks, competitions, and much more.

Learning and Education at WonderKindy
Innovative and Adaptable Activities

Whether our educators are teaching children maths, science, art, writing, reading or any other important thing, we make sure the activities are innovative and can be changed as per requirement.

We are flexible and always welcoming modern teaching approaches. Our teachers even regularly partake in understanding and learning creative ways to teach and education young children.

Inclusive Activities

At our centre children from different communities, cultures, and backgrounds. Our teachers are sensitive and understanding that each child is unique and every one of them should be treated the same. Therefore, all our activities are inclusive.

We ensure, no child feels left out or uncomfortable with the things they learn, read, write, or anything else. You can rely on us to be flexible and adaptable.

Transitional Activities

Childcare is important for making your kid learn valuable skills and be prepared for primary school. There many of our reading, writing, calculation, drawing and other activities that were designed to help children be ready for the primary education according to the Australian Curriculum.

Our activities are focused on to develop mentally and emotionally. Additionally, they help your children transition from childcare and pre-school to the ‘big school’.

Feel Free to Pose Your Inquires

We want to help parents across Melbourne, Victoria to give their children the best early education and learning. Therefore, we encourage parents who have children in our centre and even those who are considering enrolling with us to interact whenever necessary.

We believe in communicating and keeping avenues open for parents to contact us during our business times. Our representatives and staff members will be happy to answer any questions you have. For example, if you need to know our enrolment process and whether you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy then you can contact us without any obligation.

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